The aim of the course is to teach students about strategic awareness, strategic analysis and the management of strategic change. 


Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the successful student will understand:

  • the tools of strategic analysis and management
  • what business strategy is about and what the sources and dimensions of competitive advantage are
  • the key elements of corporate strategy
  • future challenges of strategic management
  • apply all the knowledge that they possess to work in an integrated manner
  • use core concepts, framework, and techniques of strategic management for making informed decisions
  • take a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches to identify sources of superior business performance and to formulate and implement a strategy that best exploits these identified sources of superior performance; and
  • think, communicate and act strategically



The module will cover:

  • Success and performance
  • Analyzing the environment
  • Resources and capabilities 
  • Organization
  • Gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Strategic considerations at a corporate level
  • How to implement a strategy
  • Current challenges for Strategic Management


Learning, Teaching and Assessment Scheme

This module combines classroom lectures with self-learning and directed reading, and in class presentations by the students. Students will be required to prepare specific topics before each class in order to be able to participate actively and interact during classroom sessions. Formative feedback will be provided following presentations, participation in class and after returning tests/exams. Summative assessment consists of 4 tests (60%) and the Final Exam (40%).

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