The aim of the course is to teach students about the multidimensional macro-environment of international business and the tools necessary for the analysis, evaluation and solution of diverse problems within that environment.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the successful student will

  • understand the various cultural, political and legal issues that impact international business activity
  • understand trade and investment theory, foreign exchange and the determination of foreign exchange rates;
  • understand the interaction of business and government as they relate to international commerce;
  • cope with the different challenges business face when they operate in an international environment;
  • work and manage in an international environment .



The module will cover

  • National differences in political economy and culture
  • Ethics in international business
  • International trade theory and the politic nature of international trade
  • Foreign direct investment and its political impact
  • Regional economic integration
  • The foreign exchange market and the international monetary system
  • The strategy and organization of international business
  • Entry strategy and strategic alliances
  • Exporting, importing and countertrade
  • Global production, outsourcing and logistics
  • Global marketing and R&D
  • Global human resource management
  • Accounting and financial management in international business 


Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategies

This module combines classroom lectures with self-learning and directed reading, and in class presentations by the students. Students will be required to prepare specific topics before each class in order to be able to participate actively and interact during classroom sessions.


Assessment Scheme

Formative feedback will be provided following presentations, participation in class and after returning tests/exams. Summative assessment consists of five tests distributed evenly during the term and a final exam. The tests will gradually assess the understanding of each learning outcome followed by a final exam that will assess all learning outcomes.


Assessment Weighting

Coursework:              50%

Final Exam:               50%


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