UBI ECO Spring 2020 Economics            
Unit Subject         Timing    
1 Introductory case: Analysing the BREXIT   FRI 7 FEB 18:00 21:00
  History of the relationship UK - EU            
  The economics of regional integration          
2 Supply and demand - how markets work   SAT 8 FEB 10:00 13:00
  Market forces              
  Customer choices and competitive markets          
3 Markets, efficiency, welfare     MON 10 FEB 18:00 21:00
  Consumers and producers and market efficiency        
   Government policies              
  The tax system              
4 Inefficient market allocation     TUE 11 FEB 18:00 21:00
  Different types of goods            
  Market failure and externalities            
  Behavioural economics            
5 Firm behaviour in different markets structures   MON 2 MAR 18:00 21:00
  Firm's production decisions            
  Different market structures            
6 Factor markets, inequality and trade   TUE 3 MAR 18:00 21:00
  The economics of factor markets            
  Income equality and poverty            
  Interdependence and the gains from trade          
7 Introduction to macroeconomics     THU 6 MAR 18:00 21:00
  Nation's well beeing              
  Cost of living              
8 The real economy in the long run     FRI 7 MAR 18:00 21:00
  Production and growth            
9 Interest rates, money and prices in the long run MON 20 APR 18:00 21:00
  Saving, investments and the financial system          
  Basic tools of finance and issues in the financial market        
  The monetary system, money grwoth and inflation        
10 Macroeconomics in open economies   TUE 21 APR 18:00 21:00
  Basic concepts              
  Theory of the open economy            
11 Short-run economic fluctuations     FRI 24 APR 18:00 21:00
  Business cycles, Keynesian economics and IS-LM analysis        
  Impact of monetary and fiscal policy on demand and supply        
  Trade off between inflation and unemployment; Supply-side policies      
12 International macroeconomics     SAT 25 APR 10:00 13:00
  Common currency areas and the EMU          
  Financial crisis and sovereign debt            
Literature Mankiw, Gregory, Taylor, Mark, Economics, 2017, 4ed.        
Evaluation Final exam - 2 hours - 100%          
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