Half of the recent college graduates are working as waiters or waitresses, bartenders, or baristas. Sure, some of these unemployed or underemployed graduates should have examined industry outlooks several years ago, pursued degrees in nursing, accounting, or computer science, and reserved their passion for anthropology, art history, or the humanities as a hobby.


However, half of recent grads were successful in starting their careers. How were these recent graduates able to find good work? Extracurricular activities during school? Maybe. A few completed internships? Probably. A professional mentor? Definitely.

Recent graduates keeping their heads above water in a discouraging job market certainly owe their success to determination and hard work, but also to mentors they have encountered along their journeys. I know because I owe much of my success today to my mentors.


Here are a few ways I can make you more successful.


Sharing My Experiences. Whether it is about how I overcame a problem or conflict or a humorous story about lessons learned, you will appreciate knowing you have been there and done that. My lessons learned can help better prepare you just starting out in their careers.


Helping You Setting Goals. Oftentimes, students and young professionals get lost in the day-to-day functions of their studies and jobs. Helping you identify goals and set those goals is an important part of mentoring. Not only will it help the novice employee stay focused, but you will also be directed towards career milestones.




Just contact me and find out what I can do for you - as an individual or as a group (of max. 4 students or young professionals).

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